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YPEF Contest Partners

We hope to identify partners in the UK and Spain who can join the other 11 European countries in The Young People and European Forests (YPEF) contest.


  • It is targeted at 15 to 19 year old students from schools, colleges or universities from the partner European countries. 

  • It aims to promote European forestry and forest regions, especially their sustainable development and biodiversity.

  • It is organised by the YPEF International Commission from participating countries. 

There are two stages of the contest.

The National Contests with small teams of three students include the presentation of projects, studies and quizzes about European forests. 

The European Contest is a workshop for the national winning teams. It is organised in different host country each September. The teams, with their adult organiser, only need to cover their costs of travel as the host partner covers all the other costs. They work in mixed teams using English as the common language, visit local forests and discuss the practice and problems of forests across Europe. 


The Contest started in 2010. In 2019 it was in the Czech Republic and in 2020 it will be in Ukraine.

The YPEF initiative establishes a new approach to the cooperation of NGO’s and forest professionals for forest and environmental education of young Europeans.


The poster on the right is produced by the German partners to recruit teams for their national contest.  

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