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Youth for Trees Guide

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Spanish language version

Polish language version

Portugese language version

English language version

What is this guide about?

  • It is about how young people can learn about and promote the value of trees and forests and work for their future management and protection.

Who is it for?

  • Leaders and educators of student and youth groups of 15+ year olds. 

What does it offer?

  • Ideas, guidance, practical activities, case studies and links.

What are the objectives?

  • Enabling young people to explore, experience, and engage with trees and forests in terms of their own future.

  • Enabling young people to learn about and promote the value of trees and forests.

  • Enabling young people to volunteer, develop enterprises and find careers.

  • Developing their teamwork, creativity, skills, project management and entrepreneurship.

  • Developing their public participation, civic competences, citizenship and political engagement.

  • Ensuring a future for young people with trees and forests.

  • Ensuring a future for trees and forests with young people.



Introducing trees


  • Preparing for the future – for young people, for trees and forests and for a sustainable, climate-friendly world.

  • Exploring trees and forests – Why trees and forests are valuable for the future.

  • Training and education – How to get more education and training about trees and forests.


Promoting trees


  • Organising group projects and activities – How to organise youth and student activities with trees and forests.

  • Raising awareness – How to raise awareness about the value of trees and forests.

  • Checking our impacts - How our consumption and lifestyle impacts trees and forests.

  • Influencing decision-makers – How to influence decision-makers about the value of trees and forests.

  • Campaigning – How to campaign about the value of trees and forests.


Working with trees


  • Being creative – How to create with wood and trees.

  • Being enterprising – How to be an entrepreneur with trees and forests.

  • Volunteering – How to find volunteering opportunities with trees and forests.

  • Thinking about careers – Why consider a job with trees and forests.

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