New European Youth for Trees Project


Y4T - For the future of trees and young people


The main focus of the new European Y4T project is young people's interest and concern for trees and forests. Four European organisations with a range of experience in forestry and environmental education have received funding from the European Commission for the two year project.


They realised that many young people feel a strong urge to protect trees as a heritage from previous generations and to plant them as a legacy for future ones. So the project will focus on both promoting the value of trees and forests, as well as developing more entrepreneurship in young people related to their own future work and lifestyles. It will enable youth workers, educators and organisers to support youth and student group projects and activities.


A 2 year project from September 2019 to September 2021 funded by EC Erasmus + Youth Strategic Partnership

Target audience

Youth/ student educators and coordinators working with youth, trees and forests eg. in National Parks, Regional Parks, nature and forest parks, environmental education centres, forest organisations, land management and environmental organisations, local authorities.



The main focus of the Y4T project is young people's interest in trees, forests and wood products. There is huge concern by young people, often from an early age, about trees and forests.This is significant as 38% of the EU area is covered by forest or woodland. In terms of campaigning there are many forest-related matters that concern young people across Europe. Most significantly for the future of humanity and especially young people, they act as carbon sinks in helping to mitigate against climate change. In Europe forests and woodland are also the largest contributors to renewable energy. The project will support young people in their responsible citizenship and political engagement.


But forests are also under threat from unsustainable felling, competing land uses, poor management, pollution, and the international spread of pests and diseases etc. In terms of entrepreneurship, young people, especially in rural areas, have many opportunities for developing new sustainable forestry-related projects and enterprises eg. related to forestry, nature conservation, agroforestry, eco-tourism, hospitality, food production, wood manufacturing and non-wood forest products. 



The Y4T project aims to enable youth workers, educators and organisers to support youth group projects and activities on trees, forests, wood products and people in terms of both entrepreneurship and promotion. This will stimulate youth entrepreneurship related to the sustainable management of trees, forests and wood products as a matter of local rural economic development. It will also support young people in their responsible youth citizenship and political engagement.



The project will mainly develop a Youth for Trees Toolkit. It will be launched in Spain at a one day seminar. The toolkit will include:

  • Promoting Guide on support for student and youth group leaders - Enabling young people to promote the value of  trees and forests in terms of both planting, afforestation and reforestation as well as logging and deforestation. Developing their public participation, civic competences, citizenship and political engagement. Ensuring a future for trees and forests with young people. Including sections on:

    • Preparing for the future

    • Raising awareness

    • Educating others

    • Having a strong voice

    • Influencing decision-makers

    • Campaigning

  • Working Guide on support for student and youth group leaders - Enabling young people to explore, experience, and engage with trees and forests in terms of their own future. Developing their teamwork, creativity, organisational skills, project management and entrepreneurship. Ensuring a future for young people with trees and forests. Including sections on:

    • Preparing for the future

    • Being entrepreneurial

    • Organising group projects and activities

    • Volunteering

    • Learning and training

    • Thinking about careers

    • Developing a new enterprise

  • Case studies and short videos

There will also be a 4-day Staff Training Event for two staff from each partner. This will be based in Stamford, UK.


The partners will have regular monthly Skype calls and partner meetings in each of the four partner countries, producing newsletters to review progress, and regularly updating our Y4Tree Facebook page. All the teaching resources will be freely available through the Y4Tree website.



The project will have a wide range of impacts on the partner staff and organisations – improving their educational services, more educated and motivated staff, more recruitment of members and volunteers. It will improve the skills, employability and satisfaction of learners, and enable them to extend their interests and experience and skills in the support of youth-led activities and projects related to trees, forests and wood products.